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What a dream...

Se si sogna da soli, è solo un sogno. Se si sogna insieme, è la realtà che comincia.

When you dream a dream alone, it will remain just a dream. When we dream a dream together, it will become a reality., I read last week in La Spezia, in the beautiful Italy.

against each other, beside each other, with each other, for each other
Four maturity levels of a team

Time… tells

It’s like about the time: Everybody knows what it is till you ask them to explain it.

When I have worked with different teams and our goal was – well – to become a better team, we didn’t focus on definitions or concepts. Instead, we shared our observations and feelings about different teams. Teams that we know but teams that do not work in our companies or even industry.

There were soccer clubs, neighborhood communities, hobby circles, voluntary fire brigades, any many more.

Each of us had a clear perception of those teams and how good they are right now. How good they used to be. And how good they could be again.

Experience counts

We were describing those teams by sharing our experience, real moments, anecdotes… like different sequences of a movie. Our experiences were the substance, the way we shared them, our body languages, laughing, shocking face expressions, etc. were the reflections.

Each of us knows if a team is a team. Each of us can feel it. Sometimes all the concepts, terminology or rituals around the teams shift the focus away from people. Away from those who do actually build and live a team.

A team and four maturity levels

What a nice team, isn’t it? It is. However, it is often a wishful thinking.

We sometimes feel like everybody works against everybody in our team. Politics, egoism, career at any costs, often with the blessing of the boss, makes our team a hell.

Many of us work in teams beside each other. We tolerate the other guys. We work 9 to 5 and go home. That’s it.

Lucky those who work in team with each other. Things get easier and faster. Everybody is in sync and has more fun.

The happiest of us are working for each other. The most resilient, innovative, efficient and effective teams ever.


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