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Updated: Feb 2

Trust + Unity + Ownership
Magic Change Button

When it comes to change or transformation leaders face typically the following reactions:

We don't believe that it is possible.




We believe it's possible but we actually don't want it.



We want it but we don't act to get it done.


If you don't have these issues, you are lucky and you don't need to continue reading. Congratulations and have a great time.


Yet, if you struggle with one or with all three problems, you are not alone. Many leaders do face those challanges and many - which is very useful - did successfully fixed them. These successful ways of resetting a team, energising an organisation and be successful as a leader make the Magic Change Button. You don't have to reinvent the wheel. You can apply it for your specific case. The specific case is key as the successful approaches need to be translated into your situation. Applying things blindly can destroy more than fix. Every leader and every team is special and unique. Magic Change Button combines both: your unique case and the proven hands-on leadership principles.

​Get inspired by watching five MOVIES and by allowing five perspectives on what you care most about: joint success under your leadership.

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