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By inspiring your team so they can perform

Inspired teams can achieve amazing things. A keynote takes only one hour of your time and yet it takes the minds and hearts of your team forever.

Istanbul, Turkey
Keynote Speech: What can insurance learn from startups?

Keynote speech presented by Dr Jan Myszkowski at the 11th Insurance week hosted by the Turkish Insurance Association

Mexico City, Mexico
Keynote Speech: Sharing practical leadership insights

Keynote speech presented by Dr Jan Myszkowski at Asociación Insuretech México (AIM)

Rome, Italy
Keynote Speech: Innovation is change...especially for established companies

Keynote speech presented by Dr Jan Myszkowski in Rome at the IoT Insurance Observatory global think-tank.

Lisbon, Portugal
Keynote Speech: How to lead Sales

Keynote speech presented by Dr Jan Myszkowski in Lisbon at the Softserve Inc. Sales Kick Off Meeting.

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"Jan gave a keynote during an event for our start-up association. The overwhelming feedback was that it was the best part of the event. Using drawings to discuss business challenges is such a refreshing way. Jan does this in a seemingly lighthearted, humorous way, without a moralizing stance - yet it keeps you thinking about particular images and topics for long afterwards. His reflections are both applicable to start-up and corporate settings. If you want a fresh perspective -and format- on business and leadership topics, question some "established business truths", take a step back and reflect - then Jan is the right guy! His book is also highly recommendable.”

Maik Schaefer, General Secretary '20-'22 of the Mexican InsurTech Association

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