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Bad weather

You cannot overtake 15 cars in sunny weather – but you can when it’s raining,

Ayrton Senna once said.

Challenge is a prototype of chance
Challenge is a prototype of chance

There is another saying that I like a lot: Necessity is the mother of invention.

The Trojan horse

The Trojan horse was a wooden horse used by the Greeks to enter the city of Troy and eventually to win the war. They faced a challenge. They use the change, a different perspective to redefine the rules of the game. They changed the situation in a way that it became a chance. A chance to win.

The change

A challenge is winning over us when we refuse to change. It is – positively speaking – an invitation to change. To change my way of thinking, my expectations, my believes. Sometimes even my enemies and my allies. To overcome my fear. When I was a child and I had to walk through a dark forest at night, I was scared of monsters and wolves. I have heard so many stories about them. There was not television in our house so the older folks would gather in the kitchen and keep telling stories.

So when I was walking through the forest at night, coming back from the church, I was imagining the monsters and I gave them names. Names like Nani or Lupi, etc. The names made them smaller, less scary, more controllable. Just the process of picking a name bough me some time and destructed me from my fear. Eventually I have reached my village. Safe.

If a challenge is a monster, a change could be a name for it. A challenge called change leads to something new, an opportunity.

It is shocking to face a challenge. It is paralyzing. It feels unfair. It comes somehow out of the blue. For some of us it is the end of the story. We give up. We accept being caught off guard. We become losers.

For some, however, it means we need to work harder. And maybe also to think and to work different. The change we generate becomes an insight. The change we curve out makes the challenge a temporary thing… If we continue working hard on the change.

Eventually, the chance appears in front of our eyes. We take it. We go for it. And we can’t believe ourselves that it all started with a challenge.


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