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A few years ago, I have made a movie about the mobility. A management team wanted to discuss the future of mobility and I thought that showing the history of mobility might be inspiring to start with.

Winning is relative. Leadership is not.
Designed for champions

In this movie you can see two kind of phases that keep repeating over time: optimizing and disrupting phase. During the optimizing phase all market participants were trying to win the race by acting within the established set of rules. They would make a better wheel. They would build a more solid carriage. Some added more horses. They were trying to win against each other.

During the disrupting phase, rarely one of the market participants but somebody from outside of this market or industry would introduce a completely new concept. A concept that did not follow the old rules. The one who did it was a leader.

Breakfast for champions

Peter Drucker once said: Culture eats the strategy for breakfast. I love this quote. Do you know what culture eats besides the strategy? It eats the wannabe leaders. The wannabe leaders are followers of benchmarks, rankings, hypes, and vanities of all kinds. Their moves need to be safe, explainable, and in line with the established rules.

Champions, both in professional and personal life, define the rules. They do not predict the future. They build it. They don’t stop after overtaking everybody. They keep going because there is a way to go.

Designed for champions

Champions know something about others but most importantly they know everything about themselves.


By not wasting time on others’ moves, wishes, traditions, benchmarks, analysis and comparisons. By not looking back and by not checking left or right to much.

They just focus on the biggest surface available: on the windshield, on the future, on what they want to shape and lead.


The short history of mobility:

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