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Olive tree

My neighbor loves plants. She has so many of them. And, I think they love her, too, as they grow and grow and grow so nicely.

What do I need to know to grow an olive tree? I asked her once as we wanted to give it as a gift to our friends.

She replied: Nothing much, actually. An olive tree likes sun. You don’t have to water it too often. Being nice to it also helps.

Nice?! What do you mean? I was rather surprised.

Just kidding. But I always talk to my plants. Saying something nice to them makes them healthier, I believe. She stated and smiled.

how to outperform
the art of goal setting


And how big shall be the pot? I insisted as we wanted to have a perfect and complete gift.

It’s up to you. She replied. If you want it to grow, the pot shall be at least 30% bigger than the root ball. She explained.

Make sense. I agreed.

She continued: With an olive tree or any other plant it is like with humans. What pots are for plants, dreams and goals are for humans. Your potential set by your dreams, by others’ trust in you, by their believes that you can make it… all of this is like a big pot, so you can grow.

Goal setting

The truth is, you are never alone. There is always competition. It is 7:45 and everybody plans something. One team plans to score big, specifically 4 goals. The other team plans to win.

The clock shows still 7:45. The rational mind of the first team shows a very specific KPI of 4 goals. And the heart of the second team shows a strong will to win.

Time goes by.

Both team play.

They play hard to achieve their goals.

After two hours the game is over. Both teams have achieved their goals.

One by being very specific and KPI driven. The other one by the art of goal setting.


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Luca Lanzoni
Luca Lanzoni

Some advice coming from Who cultivates the land:

  1. Proper Environment: Choosing the right-sized pot with sufficient drainage and quality soil is essential for a tree's root development and overall health.

  2. Watering and Feeding: Regular watering and providing necessary nutrients ensure that the tree receives adequate nourishment for its growth and development.

  3. Pruning and Trimming: Trimming away dead or diseased branches helps the tree focus its energy on healthy growth and promotes its structural stability.

  4. Protection: Protecting the tree from extreme weather conditions, pests, and diseases allows it to thrive and grow without hindrance.

Jan Witold Myszkowski
Jan Witold Myszkowski

Thank you, Luca. I would add #5: being patient. We tend to rush sometimes and overrate the speed while underrating the substance. Shortcuts often do save time that of which we end up needing more to spend on yoga etc. to calm down and finally arrive…

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