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First step

When I had to connect an international community for the first time, it was kind of a test for all.

For the participants as they haven’t met before in such circumstances.

For the board members at the headquarter as they haven’t sponsored such a gathering before.

For me as – well – it was the first time for me to meet outside of the headquarter, with an agenda that was very interactive and with all those people whom I haven’t met before.

that's true
Trust is a teamwork

Before the second step

Among other things, we have spent one whole day on solving our host’s three problems. People from all over the world were working in groups. They used their backgrounds and different perspectives. They developed new ideas. They offered their solutions that worked fine. They pointed out their solutions that failed. Finally, the host’s management picked three ideas to implement and to solve their problems. We hugged each other and we left to our home countries.


Second step

Once I have reported what we have done in the headquarter, the board asked me who is going to follow up and control the implementation, milestones, etc. After I have said that nobody will as the guys who were hosting us said that they will do it, so we just wait and focus on other things. So after I have said that, the board was laughing and they said: How can you be so naïve?!? You always have to follow up, have a set of actions, a spreadsheet, and call them all the time to press them to do what was agreed.

I have asked the board if they have hired the management in the host country.

They said: Yes.

Then I have asked them if the management is still in charge of that country.

They again said: Yes.

So, I said: As long as you haven’t fired them, I will trust them because I trust you.

They agreed for that only time to go this way. I was relieved. And a bit nervous, too.


Step in-between

What I haven’t told them was, that we have agreed to meet again in another country, in about six months. And we have also agreed that they have two hour time on the stage to tell us what they have implemented by then and how it went.


Step three

About six months later, we met in a different country. The former hosts presented what they have implemented and everybody was just amazed by what they’ve done with all those ideas. There were standing ovations and we have never had to follow up, write useless protocols or control. We have established TRUST.


To establish trust, somebody has to take the first step. Somebody has to commit an act without 100% control, plan B or double safety net. An act that can only succeed when others decide to act, too.

Trust is the most efficient and the most effective interaction. Trust is the glue for agility, diversity, feedback culture, purpose and whatever the business world comes up with next. If it comes to humans, nothing beats trust. As it is US who are embedded in it.


To watch a movie about trust, please visit:

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