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We wonder

We sometimes wonder why the other person doesn’t understand what we are talking about. Why she or he doesn’t get as excited as we do. Why she or he doesn’t follow...

your mind filter is what you get tomorrow

We have different perceptions of things, people, ideas and visions. These pictures in our minds influence our feelings, opinions and actions.

Some of the mindsets are close to each other. Some are far apart. On a map, sometimes the vision of a leader ends, let’s say, in Hamburg. He is relatively close to Hamburg as he spent lots of time thinking about the vision.

He plans how to get to the final destination which is Hamburg. And let’s say, he is in Berlin right now. But where are his followers?

Some are also in Berlin. He might even think that all of them are there. But the reality is that some of them are in Munich and some in Stuttgart. More than 500 km away from him. They haven’t even heard about the vision yet. Not to mention those who are outside of Germany and do not even speak, let alone understand the German language. Far, far away.

If the followers cannot see the leader, they will not follow. They cannot follow. So the leader has to appear on their horizon by kind of picking them up from where they are.

Sometimes, it is about words. Sometimes, just listening. Holding hands. Allowing questions. Telling a story about Hamburg. About the possibility to take a ship, a train or an airplane... Sometimes is just about accepting gratefully that we are already where we wanted to be.

Maybe you have experienced it yourself or you know somebody who has. Nothing works. Everything is stuck and it makes you even more scared. You feel devastated and demotivated. You just want to give up. There is no future. Nothing to look forward to.

And then you see the other guy, maybe your neighbor, your work colleague or your sister. They seem to be so happy. They can’t wait to get up in the morning as their days are full of great stuff, nice surprises and happy moments.

And when you then zoom out and see both, you realize that the future is almost the same for all of us. Yet the filters we apply to it, produce the individual tomorrows. The way we live the here and now is a prototype of our next day.


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