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No gravity, no balancing

…it’s a wishful thinking. There is all kind of gravity out there or I shall say under here: a physical one, a mental one, an emotional one. Your wishes, your family, your legacy, your desires, your fears… All of them generate gravities that pull you.

must want
do what you want

And sometimes they pull you out of balance. So you need to regain it. You need to keep balancing. Yes, we wish we could just fix it for good. Have so much money that we don’t need to worry. Have so much power that we don’t need to ask for permission. Have so much freedom that we can ignore the laws of physics. And so we think. And so we wish…

And when we wish…

…we can actually influence the gravities below us. But let’s have a look at what happens if we don’t. If we leave it to others and the others make the choice for us. When we MUST accept the gravities that we’ve been given.


A MUST is sometimes tempting as other are responsible. They have decided that you must do it, hence they shall bear the consequences. You don’t feel the burden of responsibility. It feels ok. You just do the nine2five job, and go home. However, the reality is different. The consequences arrive one day and knock at your door like a bailiff when he comes. When you have to pay the bill. The invoice often comes late. The later it comes, the higher it gets, though. The MUST continues. It doesn’t stop at your first acceptance of it. It comes with new ‘musts’, over and over again. Till you are worn down, empty and useless. It is like a drug that kills you slowly. Must-people are very focused on themselves as they need all the energy to survive, to deal with this pressure. There is nothing left for others. Not even just a little bit for a smile, for a simple joy.


A WANT also comes over and over again. It makes you grow. You make other grow… Your balancing is easier. It is almost impossible to fall. The effort that you save, you invest in you, others, learning, reflecting…

Want-people are happier. They spark energy and they become a positive gravity to the world around them. They believe in giving before taking. Actually they don’t need to take. They are given. They don’t postpone their WANTs to the retirement time or next year. They want their WANTs now. They are shelters for other minds. And they are curious to discover the world. They don’t panic when the wind blows in their face. And they get lifted when the heavy rain comes.

If you want something, you will go an extra mile. You will do things with passion. You will inspire others to follow and you will spark optimism and a can-do mindset. You will keep going despite initial failures. You will use failures to learn more about the problem. You will be unstoppable.

I don’t like Mondays – the song goes. And all the playing’s stopped – it continues. The feeling starts already on Sunday evening. I just hate going to work tomorrow. And once at work, I feel stressed, overworked and underpaid. In fact, I hate my job. I didn’t want it but I must do it to pay my bills and to retire one day.

Monday, Monday… - the other song goes. So good to me.. – it continues. I can’t wait to wake up in the morning and go to work again. It is fun, it is cool. I love my team, I love the challenges, I just want to do it. It makes me happy, fulfilled and whole. It comes easy to me.

Whatever we do, we need to balance between good and bad days, failures and successes, work and rest.


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