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It is easier to change yourself than others. Why?

Because you don’t need to be introduced to yourself by somebody else, you can meet yourself any time – no need to check any calendars etc.

Because you know what you like and how to talk to yourself.

Because you know your history, your fears, your feelings.

Because you don’t even have to speak loudly to be heard. You don’t have to speak at all. It is enough to have a thought.

Because you care about yourself. Because you know your desires and your limits…


Have you ever tried?


If you can't cry,

you'll become a desert with no shadow of a tree, and birds singing in it ...

have you ever tried?


If you can't laugh,

you may end up as a piano never touched by hand, never tickled by fingers ...

have you ever tried?


If you can't listen,

it's only a matter of time and you'll ignore your own voice, too ...

have you ever tried?


If you can't believe,

you'll need to disrespect everything you can't explain, including yourself ...

have you ever tried?


If you can't change,

you will keep trying to change others and never know about the easy way ...

have you ever tried?


If you can't dream,

you will stare at yourself in the mirror asking rhetoric questions one day ...

have you ever tried?


If you can't trust,

One day you will ask your right arm to handcuff the left one…

Have you ever tried?


If you can't share,

you will lose it and not have anyone to share the lack of it ...

have you ever tried?


If you can't hope,

you give up the opportunity to make God feel bad for not delivering ...

have you ever tried?


If you can't forgive,

you will force yourself to lie about the power you desire and the weakness you're ashamed of…

have you ever tried?


If you can't be yourself, who the hell are you?

Source: “Life is a gift- unpack it”

If you like the words, here are they with some nice tunes by onlymeith:



SWOT is used for company strategy, acquisition targets or business units  under scrutiny. Why not to use it for our own personal development? Let’s look at our individual situation.

There are hopefully some strengths around us. A few weaknesses, too. Any opportunity would be more than welcome. And, something we tend to underestimate, there are often some threats.

What if after applying the SWOT, I find out that it is me who represents the biggest opportunity. It is me who is the main strength. But it is also me who is the most relevant weakness. And, yes, I am the most significant threat around. It is nobody else, it is me all over.

One might think, in a SWOT only 25% represents opportunity. But, hey, if it is you in each quadrant, you don’t have to ask anybody else for permission. You can decide to change anything. Imagine each of the swot area then as an opportunity….


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Thank you, Luca. I think that any way to map our territory is useful to explore it, make it better or simply to accept it and gratefully enjoy the fact that we are.

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Yes Jan, acceptance is certainly a good starting point

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The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a popular psychological tool that classifies individuals into 16 personality types based on their preferences in four dichotomies:

1. **Extroversion (E) vs. Introversion (I):**

- Extroversion: Energized by external activities, social interactions, and being around people.

- Introversion: Energized by internal thoughts, reflection, and spending time alone.

2. **Sensing (S) vs. Intuition (N):**

- Sensing: Focused on concrete facts, details, and practical realities.

- Intuition: Oriented toward possibilities, imagination, and future-oriented thinking.

3. **Thinking (T) vs. Feeling (F):**

- Thinking: Makes decisions based on logic, objectivity, and rational analysis.

- Feeling: Makes decisions based on values, emotions, and the impact on people.

4. **Judging (J) vs.…

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