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time series #9: WHAT ABOUT A SECOND TIME?

…failure is an unfinished success. 

…second chance might be that missing, finishing part.

time is a toy
second chance

If you wish to have a second chance, often you expect somebody to grant it to you, to give it to you.

In fact, it is you who is this somebody. It is you who gives and receives this gift.

Growing happens mainly while going for the second chance based on the learning from the first attempt. And giving up is the other turn we sometimes take - by not taking the second chance.

In a resume every step in our life seems to be perfectly logical. Every achievement happened without wasting time or doubt. Fauilers do not exist in a perfectly designed resume. Companies want to see the positive results and we want to paint our capabilities and successes in wonderful shapes and colours.

In the real life, well... you know yourself...

You never lose, you just give up.

You never win, you just qualify for the next round.


My key takeaways:

1.    There is a right time for everything.


2.   The right time for everything is the time left.


3.   You are lucky when there is nothing left when your time is over.

How to lead now…

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