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time series #2: WHO IS STEALING MY FUTURE?

Updated: Mar 20

When you type in “stealing the future” in the online search engine, you will get a mixture of hits such as: an east German spy story, songs, stealing the future from our children, etc.

stealing the future
stealing the future

But is it possible to steal something that doesn’t exist yet? How can you steal something that is not here? Something that nobody even knows what it looks like? Something that only might be, might happen and it only might cross your path of life? Does something like that can even belong to somebody?

And then I read Abraham Lincoln who says that the best way to predict the future is to create it. Pope Jan Paul II said once that the future starts today, not tomorrow. And I like the way Deepak Chopra put it when he said that when you make a choice, you change the future.

So there seems to be a link between the future and the present. Actually a link from the present into the future, right?!? Whenever I read a resume of somebody, I can see how people link all the events in their lives. Even if back then, many things happened spontaneously, accidentally, by chance… afterwards, we kind of see the links. And we do also like to come across as the creators of those links. Like all the events were a result of our conscious decisions. Well, it is very human, I guess…

In real life, though, it is harder to live forward with this conscious belief in our power to create the future. This is where all these guys in the illustration above come to work. They are not strangers. They are our fears, our doubts, our laziness, our vanities, our not-carrying-abouts, our I-will-do-it-when-I-retire, our … etc.

They are carrying away our future.

One sack at a time.


Without us even noticing.

One sack at a time…

My key takeaways:

1.     If you can create your future, do it now. Bit by bit. Every day. Just, consciously, do one thing today for your tomorrow.


2.     If your future starts today, welcome it with a smile, hope and curiosity. It is the tomorrow’s YOU picking the today’s YOU so life can go on.


3.     If you can change the future by your choices, make your turns wisely by considering to which crossings they will bring you tomorrow.

How to lead now…

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