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time series #8: TIME TO FACE IT.

If time were money as they say, I would withdraw all of it at the bank and ask for the smallest coins they have. I would spend it and enjoy it penny wise. I wish it would be wise to do so.

time is a toy
time is relative

But let’s go back to the relativity of time:

When I was a child, there was no past but loooooots of present. And a bit of future. Yet it was very close, so i didn’t have to wait too long. The future would typically end in hours. The end of the future was the day after sleeping. And then it was the present again. The present stretched into infinity so we could play, discover things, wonder about moments…

As a adult, I found that I need to share my time and how it goes: there are meetings, deadlines, time windows, appointments, the concert starts at 8pm, the train leaves at 8am, the boarding starts at whatever. The past gets more and more. The future gets less and less. The present is short and shared and the moments are basically gone. Everything gets measured. We feel less while counting more. 

And then, I remember when I was talking to the father of my friend who was just about to die. He said: “You know, Jan, I feel like my whole life was just a short moment. I am 80 now but it feels like those 80 years lasted only a few seconds. Like I would open a door to a room, looked in, and closed them again. I am leaving now after 80 years, after just peering briefly into the world…”


My key takeaways:

1.    There is a right time for everything.


2.   The right time for everything is the time left.


3.   You are lucky when there is nothing left when your time is over.

Based on this book - only in German:

How to lead now…

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