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The following day Pepe woke up last. Gaga and Lucky already played in the tunnel. They just slipped back through and rumbled out on stalk.

Pepe hugged both and knocked goodbye three times with the drumsticks, knock, knock, knock. Then he took off on Grandma's carpet. Finally, he had to find the green button and bring it to his grandmother.

where is the green button?

Pepe was still thinking about the great time on the apple planet when he discovered something brown on the horizon. He wondered about what fruit is brown. Potato is not a fruit, but a vegetable. He could not think of any brown fruit.

Very soon he knew, however, what planet he had in front of him: it was the coconut planet. The planet was very large and dark brown.

Pepe definitely wanted to take a break and decided to land on the coconut planet. He had to be extremely careful, because a coconut can be pretty tough and hard.

Pepe landed and flipped over twice before finally coming to a stop. He lied down and curled up in grandma's carpet. He straightened his gaze and saw the back of a little boy who was sitting a few feet in front of him and he was staring into the distance. Not even Pepe’s landing mastered with sorrow and distress has disturbed him.

Pepe approached the boy, cleared his throat and asked, "What is your name? I am Pepe and I am seeking the green button."

"And I am Drum, and I am looking for a soft planet," the little boy replied.

"Why don’t you like your planet?" asked Pepe.

"Because it is hard and boring," said Drum.

"The others have colorful, beautiful planets and mine is just hard and there is nothing that I can play with," complained Drum.

Pepe thought about how he could help Drum. At the same moment he realized that his drumsticks were missing – he must have lost them during his turbulent landing. In any case, they were not in his pocket.

Pepe went back to the place where he had landed. He found one stick next to the carpet. A few steps further, he found the second one. Pepe put them back in his back pocket. Then he had an idea:

"I know how you can have fun!" Pepe called.

"Really ?!" asked excited Drum.

Pepe took out the drumsticks and handed them to Drum.

"Hold them tight!" Pepe said, as he pressed his sticks in Drum’s hands.

"I do hold them, but what's next?" asked Drum curious.

"Hit the floor!" Pepe told him.

Drum drummed briefly on the bottom of the coconut planet. We all know that the coconut planet is very hard. As Drum drummed on the floor, it sounded like a gigantic tam-tam. In addition the sound resonated as a echo.

"Wow!" shouted Drum surprised. The sound fascinated him. For the first time he heard music he had played to himself with two simple sticks.

"Wow!" screamed also Pepe. He, too, had never heard such a wonderful, deep sound. While Pepe still enchanted Drum’s drumming, Drum had already tried out new sounds and jumped for joy.

"Pepe, this is the best play in the world! Now I will never be bored. I will now play a nice piece for you as a thank you," said Drum, while drumming diligently: knock knock knooooockknockknooooockknockknock ...

"Thank you Drum," Pepe thanked for the concert.

"From now on we will listen to the echo of your music while while going to bed. Your planet is no longer boring, and you have finally something to play with."

"I love my coconut planet. It is the best and the largest musical instrument in the world. I thank you for it," Drum rejoiced.

When both went to sleep, there was still the echo of the knock, knock, knock, that came from deep within the planet coconut.


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Based on this book:

How to lead now…

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