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Pepe decided to land on the banana planet because it was the closest. He rolled up the carpet and climbed up the banana. Well, the banana planet.

After a few steps he saw in the distance someone sitting on a chair. He walked on a few steps and could now realize an old man on a rocking chair. The old man looked a little sad to himself and barely moved.

where is the green button?

"Hello, I'm Pepe. And may I ask who you are?" Pepe asked politely.

The old man noticed Pepe only now and was very surprised to see someone on his banana planet. "Ooohhh, you have surprised me quite a bit, young man," the old man replied. "I'm Grandpa Rudi. Welcome to my planet."

"This is a very beautiful planet, Grandpa Rudi. You must be very happy to live on this banana-planet."

Grandpa Rudi looked sadly at Pepe and sighed back,

"One might think so but I'm really not happy at all. I'm sad."

"Why are you sad, Grandpa Rudi?" Pepe wanted to know.

"My rocking chair can not swing. That makes me very sad," concluded Grandpa Rudi.

"Why can your rocking chair not rock?" asked Pepe.

"I have no idea. I got the rocking chair from my father and he got it from his father. My father was sad and his father, too, for that matter. They could also just sit on this chair without rocking. What a pity!" said Grandpa Rudi. "No one knows why the chair can not swing." Grandpa Rudi added desperately and dangled his legs in the air. The chair did not move an inch.

"I propose that we examine it," suggested Pepe.

"Will you help me, Grandpa Rudi?" asked Pepe.

"That's a good idea, Pepe. Sure, I'll help you," replied Grandpa Rudi. "But how do we want to investigate it?" he asked helplessly.

"First, we examine whether the chair has skids," recommended Pepe.

"Precisely! In order for a rocking chair to rock, its legs must stand on skids," agreed Grandpa Rudi.

Pepe crawled under the chair to seek the skids.

"Grandpa Rudi!" shouted Pepe, "I have found two skids. So your rocking chair must be able to swing."

"But it does not, Pepe. It does not," repeated Grandpa Rudi.

"Then we need to examine it further," stated Pepe and brooded again.

Pepe knew namely that every planet, even a banana-planet, has two poles: the North and the South Pole. Grandpa Rudi lived at the North Pole of the banana planet, at the exact spot where the bananas are curved and form a trough. And just in this very trough Grandpa Rudi's rocking chair was stuck. Pepe continued speculating.

"Now I know why the rocking chair does not rock!" proclaimed Pepe.

"You really do?" asked Grandpa Rudi, excited.

"Your rocking chair is standing on the North Pole of the banana planet, in other words, in the valley of banana. The two skids lay thus entirely on the ground of your planet. Your rocking chair sits in the sink," said Pepe.

"Is there no sink at the South Pole on the banana planet?" asked Grandpa Rudi amazed.

"Not exactly! In the south, there is a small hill, just as I know the bananas." Pepe continued, "We should bring your rocking chair to the south."

"Is that not too far?" asked Grandpa Rudi, worried that he might not to be able to survive a long journey.

Pepe tried to imagine a banana, especially the side of the banana, where there is a hill, and where Grandpa Rudi's rocking chair could be soon.

"It depends on which way we go. I think I know a shortcut. It is a bit steep, but very short, too," Pepe assured.

"Let’s just go, then!" exclaimed Grandpa Rudi. "If we get tired, we can rest on the rocking chair."

"Let's go!" Pepe, inspired, grabbed the left skid of the rocking chair. Grandpa Rudi already held the right one. He could not wait to march.

Grandpa Rudi and Pepe kept walking over the yellow planet while carrying the rocking chair. After some time they reached the flat part of the banana planet, but that was not their goal. They continued their journey.

In between, they rested on the rocking chair. Just before it got dark, they could see a gentle yellow hill on the horizon.

"Pepe, I can already see the South Pole!" Grandpa Rudi shouted happily.

"Yes, I can see it, too!" confirmed Pepe. "I hope we will reach it before sunset."

"... and rock ourselves into sleep," Grandpa Rudi added with a smile.

"That's a very good idea," Pepe said joyfully and both hastened.

Still, before it got really dark, Pepe and Grandpa Rudi reached the south pole of the banana planet with the rocking chair.

Grandpa Rudi took Pepe on his lap and they rocked the whole evening late into the night as the sky above them was full of stars.

"Grandpa Rudi, I have to sleep now, because tomorrow I have to continue searching for the green button," Pepe said.

"What kind of a green button?" Grandpa Rudi asked.

"Oh, that's a long story. I'll tell you another time. I'm so tired," whispered Pepe.

Grandpa Rudi hugged Pepe and rocked him in the chair until both fell asleep.


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Based on this book:

How to lead now…

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These days I took out my camera and decided to go out more often and take pictures the theme will be 'discovering the invisible in the visible'

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Good luck. Sometimes it’s not lost but covered and hidden below other things that we need to remove or put aside like a curtain so the stage will be free for acting…



If Pepe had not decided to travel and land on the banana planet, bringing with him new perspectives and experiences, even if grandpa had access to artificial intelligence models and computing power, the available data for processing would never have allowed him rocking

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Thank you, Luca. Yes, moving helps and moving cannot be ordered online and delivered to your home in box or as a short video. Moving physically and mentally is like paying respect and gratitude to all the wonderful things in the world, just because they exist.

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