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Dr Jan Myszkowski -


I'm all about the ideas that are inside you. Let me help clear away the uncertainty and fear and empower you to take your ideas and create unique concepts, enabling you to discover your true talents and reach your goals.


I was born into a world which, for the most part, was home-made. My grandfather and my father had built our house: windows, doors, floors, all the furniture, my cradle......all of it crafted from wood. All from our forest.

The milk came from our cow, the eggs came from our chickens. The first snacks I ever had were lengths of rhubarb which I dipped in the sugar tin. Sweet and sour. We didn’t have any bins, because there wasn’t any rubbish. The village shop sold only vinegar, sugar, and anything which could be wrapped in paper.

 Every Saturday, the air was filled with the smells of freshly-baked bread, scrubbed wooden floors, and wood. My father was a carpenter. That’s how I started drawing. I was always happy when he had to make a door. He always used to have to cut eight little boards out of the frame – to make the joints – and he always gave them to me. Rough on one side, smooth on the other – just like life. I used to draw on them with my carpenter’s pencil. More than anything else, what I drew was the stories that the neighbours told when they came and visited my father’s workshop.

Sitting amidst the wood shavings on the floor, I would look up and listen: I’d hear about the family who fled on foot with their children and two cattle for three months, first towards Kazakhstan, and then away again. Or about my maternal grandfather, who got a bullet through his cheek in the First World War, as he was crouching on the battlefield. It took a part of his tongue away, too.

I am a good friend of border regions, where all sorts of different things rub up against each other: cultures, languages, different points of view, pain, joy, curiosity ... This friction produces the most astonishing stories.

I have come to understand that life is a story........

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Keynote Speaker
By inspiring your team so they can perform

Inspired teams can achieve amazing things. A keynote takes only one hour of your time and yet it takes the minds and hearts of your team forever.

By supporting you so you can be yourself

Become the best version of yourself with my help.

10 weeks  I  5 sessions  I  4 perspectives  I  3 visuals  I  2 of us  I  1 objective

By visualizing moments so you can draw your own conclusions

Watch it as every moment is part of something bigger.

Every picture is part of a movie. You are the actor in it. Let us write the script together

By putting moments in context so your acting will advance

A picture is worth a thousand words. 

See beyond the obvious with these thought provoking and idea generating illustrations.

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